Himbio Unpad di Wisuda Gelombang II (5 Februari 2013)

842889_4345407243810_930746968_o                  823485_4345450404889_1841351154_o

844001_4345502406189_1676139636_o 843879_4345457125057_2068209158_o

841190_4345465725272_1779604756_o 823438_4345503286211_961607303_o

830243_4345482005679_1887692236_o 830449_4345475005504_96773833_o

823375_4345458005079_1810126592_o 812562_4345476725547_559521339_o

798402_4345451044905_251574622_o 798386_4345479485616_459567507_o

529379_4345409043855_645274964_n 578090_4345444524742_2079440434_n

778705_4345480965653_1907218910_o 778826_4345490485891_327700712_o

Photo by : Willy Wiguna

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