Meiji University : Japan Study Short Program


Meiji University currently offers four programs to overseas students so that they may study different aspects of Japan during their long vacation. Classes consist not only of Japanese language but also provide insights into law, politics and the economy, and pop culture. In addition to experienced lecturers, the extensive curriculum combines a wide variety of hands-on experience-type studies with lectures. Even though it lasts for a short period of time, the program is rich in content, and will certainly satisfy all those who take it.

Meiji University has three campuses. The one that will offer this program is located right in the heart of Tokyo, surrounded by Jimbocho, which is Japan’s largest district of used and antique bookstores, and Akihabara, the well-known “electricity town” which has also become famous for anime. With these exciting surroundings, students can fully enjoy their life in Tokyo after attending the classes.

Students on a long summer holiday who feel that one program is not enough may combine two classes and sign up for both. Through taking part in this program, they can be expected to acquire an even broader range of knowledge, and gain a deeper understanding of Japan by staying in the country for extended periods.
Meiji University has an environment ready to respond to your diverse interests.

Have you decided your plans for your next vacation? Come to Meiji University and study about Japan!

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