Restorasi habitat Orangutan Indonesia (RHOI) is a forestry company that focuses its activities in the field of ecosystem restoration and conservation of the orangutan, require employees to be placed immediately on the site, East Kutai District, Prov. East Kalimantan. The positions offered are: 1. Site Manager East Kalimantan 2. Forest Planning Manager 3. Manager of Orangutan Conservation and Restoration 4. Orangutan Release Coordinator 5. Communications Coordinator 6. HRD Coordinator 7. Road Surveyor 8. Orangutan Release Staff and Technician 9. GIS Mapping 10. Timber Cruiser (Certified) 11. Logistic Staff Requirements: 1) Bachelor of relevant fields (except Technician High school graduated or equivalent), 2) An advantage that has been experienced, 3) Healthy, 4) Able to operate computer programs relevant to the field, and can communicate in English. Cover letter, CV and other documents as well as the amount of salary that is expected to be sent to with the proposed subject position. Only applicants who meet the requirements will be called to the next stage. Restorasi Habitat Orangutan Indonesia Jalan Kumbang No. 31, Bogor, West Java 16128 Indonesia

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